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Life at Klaviyo

Get a glimpse of the many different perspectives and experiences that make up Life at Klaviyo. To learn more about our engineering or design teams, visit their team blogs!

What I Wish I'd Known

I Wish I'd Known...

Deciding to take a new job can be as nerve wracking as it is exciting. You’ve done your research, scoured the Glassdoor reviews, and weighed out the pros and cons. But until you set foot in the office (or open the Zoom), some things remain…

Klaviyos laughing and socializing in the Boston Office.

The Intern Experience at a Glance

Picture this: you are about to log into your computer for the first time and begin your internship at Klaviyo. Nervous? Probably. Excited? Hopefully!

Rory Gilmore Employee Profile

Employee Spotlight: Rory Gilmore

Rory Gilmore joined the Klaviyo team in October 2021 to run Growth Success in our London office. In March of 2022, he was promoted to manage Mid Market and Partner Success for the EMEA region. We got to chat with him about his new role, what makes…