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I Wish I'd Known...

What I Wish I'd Known

Deciding to take a new job can be as nerve wracking as it is exciting. You’ve done your research, scoured the Glassdoor reviews, and weighed out the pros and cons. But until you set foot in the office (or open the Zoom), some things remain unknowable. For the mystery averse, we’ve asked a few Klaviyos to share what they’d wish they known before they started:

I wish I’d known that Klaviyo is truly supportive of work/life/mental health balance

I’ve felt encouragement and support since I started two months ago as a Dev Lab Product Expert and I was really nervous because I was not coming from a tech field prior to this. As I’ve made a career change jump, I am so glad I’ve landed at Klaviyo!

- Clare Potyrala, Product Expert

I wish I’d known that Klaviyo doesn’t just talk about company values and culture, they actually live them

Klaviyo has challenged me to not just be a better sales rep but also a better person. Before Klaviyo, I had been at companies that prioritized company goals over employee well-being and growth. Klaviyo always puts their employees first, and I am lucky to work with such talented people every day knowing that my input and development truly matters.

- Jared Mintzlaff, Account Executive 2, USMB

I wish I’d known about Klaviyo’s learning stipend and free book policy before I started working here

Since working at Klaviyo, I have been able to take many IT and Security online courses. This perk has definitely allowed me to push myself to build my skills from an IT professional into a Security professional with little financial burden.

- Bri Tan, Associate Security Operations Engineer

I wish I'd known about the career development opportunities for engineers

…the big emphasis on work/life balance, and the learning benefits offered here.

- Robert Diaz, Software Engineer

I wish I'd known how much non-technical skills would come into play as part of my job as an engineer

In my previous experience as a Klaviyo intern, I got to dip my toes into this a bit -- communicating with Design and Product, trying to explain my thought process to people on my team -- but since working full-time it's become even more important. Not only have I done all of those things, but I've also learned how to succinctly explain our needs and priorities to other teams, talk to salespeople and manage the procurement of new tools, write blog posts on projects and learnings, and navigate group discussions where everyone has slightly different goals and help us all reach agreement, among other things. I am really in awe of how much all of my non-technical skills have grown so far working here, and I'm sure they'll continue to grow every year.

- Maya Nigrin, Software Engineer

I wish I had known a lot more about the incredible culture, leadership and caliber of people working at Klaviyo before I joined

Klaviyo's culture provides a unique environment to grow, innovate, collaborate and learn from immensely talented and authentic colleagues. The leadership is supportive, patient and deeply cares about excellence, feedback from us and continuous improvement of the team. Since I joined in July 2021, I absolutely feel vindicated every day by my decision to join and look forward with excitement to the bright times ahead!

- Jean Paul Mugabe, Senior Software Engineer

I wish I’d known how supportive Klaviyo is to international students and global employees, before I started working here

I am an international student and I am super grateful to Klaviyo for having supported me during the immigration process (special shoutout to the legal and HR teams) and more-so making me feel super welcome and included. I am also a part of different groups like international-klaviyos, world-citizen-krg, kladies etc that have provided me with a safe space to share and learn!

- Mahima Rao, Product Designer

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