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International Women's Day 2023

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It’s International Women’s Day, and this year’s theme is #EmbraceEquity. At Klaviyo, we live by this everyday: it’s one of our core values, “to make the world more equitable”. We believe this work must start from within: that’s why we’re always striving to make sure our Klaviyos feel supported at work. Today, we’ve asked three women who represent Klaviyo around the globe, from Boston to London to Sydney, to share what it’s like to work at Klaviyo as a woman. Here’s what they had to say:


Brynnann Farrington, Customer Support Manager, London, UK

Navigating the professional space, especially as a woman can provide a  of challenges. It can also provide a number of opportunities, like getting to work and connect with other women across the business that are inspiring, accomplished, and most of all, supportive. That's what I've loved about participating in the various events that the Kladies Klaviyo Resource Group has organized over the year. Whether it is their International Women's Day programming, or a fireside chat with a female exec, they workto bring all kinds of stories to light, which to me, has been really insightful in the ways that we can all achieve our own versions of success, regardless of our backgrounds.

One particularly memorable event happened in August, when the Kladies KRG hosted a networking event with the group Women in Ecommerce Group. The event featured a handful of speakers from the ecommerce space, but also had a talk by Psychologist Helen Frewin about overcoming imposter syndrome. During her talk, we all got up and had some break out conversations around how we've all encountered and tried to overcome it, and that was really special. I remember speaking to women at various stages in their careers and how they've all dealt with similar feelings, and it was so encouraging to see other women cheer each other on.


Jo Beth Hartstrick, Senior HR Business Partner, Boston, MA

Being a parent is challenging. Period. The amount of brain power and energy that you use before 8:00 AM is actually astonishing. And then turning it around to make sure we can be our best professional selves during the day is a lot on some days, but I have been so supported here at Klaviyo being a working mom. My manager specifically has been understanding and empathetic when I need to be on sick kiddo duty and juggle meetings.

I have been impressed with our KRG groups that specifically support families at Klaviyo. Our K-Families KRG has a slack channel where parents can ask questions, share advice and celebrate important milestones together. K-Families also sends books to our kids each quarter!! We also have really great programming with our K-Ladies KRG and there are frequent lunch chats, speakers, tutorials and a book club. I love that we have that group and it’s a goal of mine for 2023 to get more involved in this wonderful group.


Ange Brown, Operation and Strategy Manager, Sydney, AU

As a woman in leadership and a working mother, finding the ideal balance has often felt like an impossible goal and I’ve felt like I’m failing at both of those roles. Making deadlines versus making a healthy dinner for my kids was often an unnecessary pressure I put on myself. Throughout my career, I’ve found it equally as difficult to regularly connect with a community of people who feel the same. Klaviyo’s KRGs have made it easy, and they’re more than a community - they’re a safe space.

As a founding member of the APAC Kladies KRG, I’m proud to be building and providing that space for women, mothers, and allies across the regional business. A space for us to talk openly and safely about our shared experiences, and actively support each other in both our personal and professional development. I once read that “a glowing woman can help other women glow and still be lit” and that’s truly what I feel Kladies embodies. Women supporting women, to make incredible things happen.

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