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A Day in the Life of a Klaviyo Intern

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Interns play an integral role in some of Klaviyo’s most innovative and important projects. Software Engineering Interns, specifically, contribute to making our product better for our customers, a role that is necessary for Klaviyo’s success. What do these contributions look like in day-to-day life during our summer internship program? Sanem Leblebici, a Software Engineering Intern, has some answers. Through Sanem’s lens, explore what a day in her life as a Klaviyo Software Engineering Intern looks like.


8:45 am - I start my day with some coffee and berries for breakfast. I like to sit in the sunroom to get some light and look at the plants in the morning.

9:15 am - After my morning coffee, I start the day by going through my calendar and my emails. I get caught up and plan how I want to tackle some of the work I want to accomplish that day. Overall, just getting ready for the workday.

9:40 am - This morning is particularly exciting because I am merging the code for a feature I have been working on for a while this summer. I was involved in the development of Klaviyo’s new feature in the SMS conversations page which is Artificial Intelligence (AI) assisted suggested responses for incoming customer inquiries. For this project I was involved in the settings work where I worked with the full stack from developing the front end components to the back end functionality and interactions with the database. This morning I merged my final code into a feature branch to be tested with the entirety of the feature. 

10:45 am - I then log onto the team standup meeting. This is a sync I have every day in which everyone updates the rest of the team on what we worked on yesterday, what we plan to work on today, and if we are facing any blockers we need help on. It is a great opportunity to raise any concerns, ask for help, and plan for the day ahead with the rest of the team present.

1:00 pm - After lunch, I have my weekly 1:1 meeting with my mentor on the team, Prisca. She is a Software Engineer who I am in constant contact with about my plans and aspirations for the internship program. In our 1:1 we talk about how I feel about the work I have, discuss any frustrations I might have and come up with a plan to make sure I am not blocked for a long time. She also talks to me about my career development and what I expect to get out of my internship so that we can include work that I can do to meet these expectations and have exposure to all the stages of software development that I want familiarity with. For example, I voiced that in addition to coding I would love to participate in the code review and the deployment processes, which are big parts of software development. In the coming weeks we made sure to put some work on my plate that exposed me to that type of work. 

2:00 pm - Today we had an intern resume and LinkedIn workshop where I was able to get some tips and guidance to best format my resume and Linkedin profile. We also learned how to utilize LinkedIn and networks in the future if we look for new opportunities. 

3:00 pm - I moved to the couch to do some heads down coding on my active work.

4:30pm - Towards the end of the workday I worked on giving some reviews on some last open tickets for the Suggested Responses feature to make sure they are ready to be deployed before the feature release. 

5:30 pm - One of my goals for the summer was to learn how to ride a bike so I decided to practice after work today.


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