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The Intern Experience at a Glance

Klaviyos laughing and socializing in the Boston Office.

Klaviyos laughing and socializing in the Boston Office.

Picture this: you are about to log into your computer for the first time and begin your internship at Klaviyo.

Nervous? Probably.
Excited? Hopefully!

You may be wondering, what comes first? The answer is onboarding!

To start, all interns are onboarded via a week-long program called Base Camp where new Klaviyos (we call ourselves Klaviyos) are introduced into our community together.

Everyone learns about the company’s history and culture, along with some ecommerce and product basics. Starting alongside a group of fellow new interns allows everyone to start building connections across the company right away. Come “graduation” at the end of the week, there is a deep-rooted sense of community among the cohort of new Klaviyos.

Alexandra Brooks, an Emerging Talent Intern, speaks on her Base Camp experience. “I loved how Base Camp was something all Klaviyos had to go through.” Base Camp onboards each new Klaviyo regardless of team or level. “They had us do fun, collaborative projects with interns across all departments to help build a sense of community and truly live the value ‘At Klaviyo we collaborate radically.’”

This is the biggest difference between Base Camp and other onboarding programs: the priority is building community.

While some interns go into product, sales, or engineering training during their second week, other interns will jump right into their projects. These projects span a broad range of topics from creating code for our actual product, to writing up sales and marketing proposals, and supporting recruiting strategies.

Klaviyos playing ping pong in the Boston office.

Aside from assignments and projects, there are plenty of intern-specific events and virtual sessions that bring everyone back together to learn more, connect with other Klaviyos, or simply have fun together. Whether it be a Q&A with a Klaviyo customer, meeting our CEO, or playing social games with each other, interns are empowered to own their experience and actively contribute to our community.

When we’re not in a group yoga session or a virtual cooking class, we have plenty of opportunities to get to know each other better one-on-one. In our Accountability Partner and Group Program, interns are paired together to meet biweekly to talk about anything, whether that be what they’re working on, what they’re struggling with, or simply what they did last weekend. Two pairs are then combined to form an accountability group which meets monthly.

Madison Burke, a returning Agency Partnership intern, says that she has “loved the addition of the Accountability Partner and Group Programs because they give you a group of people that you can go to just to chat or for any questions you have. I look forward to my group’s meetings because it is a great way to reset and make connections with people who you do not work with everyday.”

Similarly, the KBuddy program fosters connection between an intern and a full-time Klaviyo. Natalie Higgins, Klaviyo’s Employee Engagement Program Manager, explains that this program “was created to allow our new Klaviyos to have someone to ask questions of, share advice on culture and norms, and get to know someone outside of their team from day one. All of our buddies volunteer so they're passionate about sharing their own insights and experiences to help another Klaviyo reach success along their path."

Klaviyos playing video games in the Boston office.

Aside from work-related connections, we want all interns to feel supported on a more personal level. One of the ways we do this is found in Klaviyo Resource Groups (KRGs). KRGs are grassroots community resources, sponsored by our Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion team built around a shared identity and/or lived experience (including allies). Gabriella Edmond, an Emerging Talent Intern, is a part of the Kladies KRG for those who identify as women. She says that she “loves being a part of the Kladies community because all of the women are so inclusive and knowledgeable. There is never a shortage of great recommendations or stimulating conversation!” 

Looking for other Klaviyos who share your passions? We have an endless amount of unique Slack channels that anybody can join at any time! From the always popular channel, #petsofklaviyo, to more niche channels like #peloton and #foodies, there is something for everyone. Discover what recipes your fellow Klaviyos are cooking up in #cookingandbaking, what art they’ve created in the #artists channel, or connect with Klaviyos that live around you in our location specific channels.

Whether you’re meeting with your KRG, chatting with your KBuddy, or on a group ride with other #peloton Klaviyos, we want every Klaviyo to be themselves here. To be a Klaviyo intern is to be a member of a company-wide community. While the summer internship program only lasts 12 weeks, We hope that the bonds formed and lessons learned will surpass this timeline and help interns to be the best versions of themselves in and outside of work.

Ready to join us? Keep an eye on our open internships (we’ll keep posting as the season progresses!)

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