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Employee Spotlights

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Spotlight on Engineering: Daniel Kezerashvili

We’ve come a long way since Klaviyo announced the opening of our first non-US hub in London in 2019. Two additional offices in Sydney and Denver, a massively expanded customer base, and quite a few new Klaviyos later, we’re excited to announce the…

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Pivoting Towards Klaviyo

Have you ever been tempted to change course? Meet the Klaviyos whose career pivots brought them here.

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National Working Parents Day: How We Support our Klaviyo Families

It’s never been easy to be a working parent. Juggling meetings and deadlines with sick kids and school drop offs is a constant dance that many know all too well. And while we’ve all heard the old adage “family comes first”, coming from an employer,…

Rory Gilmore Employee Profile

Employee Spotlight: Rory Gilmore

Rory Gilmore joined the Klaviyo team in October 2021 to run Growth Success in our London office. In March of 2022, he was promoted to manage Mid Market and Partner Success for the EMEA region. We got to chat with him about his new role, what makes…