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A Day in the Life of a Product Designer at Klaviyo: Hub Week Edition

Day In The Life Of Mahima

Since February, Klaviyos located near our Boston headquarters or hub locations in Denver, London and Sydney have been coming together every six weeks for what we call “hub week”. Hub weeks are an opportunity for Klaviyos to spend time connecting and collaborating in person. What does a hub week look like for a product designer at Klaviyo? Mahima Rao, a Boston based product designer, has some answers. Step into Mahima’s world, and explore what a typical day in her life as a Klaviyo product designer looks like during hub week.

7:30 am — Rise and shine

I start my day with a hot cup of coffee and soak in the sunlight to get my creative juices flowing. A perfect recipe to start the day!

8:15 am — Full steam ahead

Ready to take on the day, I walk to the nearby subway station to catch the red line. It’s a quick 20 min train ride with bustling commuters and stunning views of the city.

9:02 am — Touch down

Arriving at the office near South Station, it is time to dive into the day’s adventures. 

9:10 am — Plan and prep

I settle into my desk with another cup of coffee, and prepare for the day ahead. I usually get some focused heads down time, making the most of the energized morning. Today I have a few meetings and a team hangout, I am super excited to be meeting people in person!

12:00 pm — Daily stand-up

At noon my team gathers for our daily stand-up. This brief meeting allows us to share progress, ask questions, and also ensures everyone is aligned. Today, I presented the latest updates on my designs that are ready for handoff to ensure everyone is on the same page before our grooming session later this week.

12:15 pm — Lunchtime

It’s time to refuel with some tasty lunch! During hub-week, lunch is served at the office — yay! It’s the perfect time to swap stories, share ideas, and connect with colleagues. Today’s chitchat covered everything under the sun, from talking about the weather to debating about food and cuisines!

1:30 pm — Team meetings

Refueled after lunch, it’s time for a few meetings. Today, I showcased some of my designs for a new feature that I have been working on, and received some great feedback. And, of course my meeting ran over, so I had to rush to the next one. I must say, transitioning between in-person meetings is certainly more challenging than changing Zoom links! Nonetheless, I made it through all of them and it was great to brainstorm, review and iterate with my team.

3:00 pm — Snack time

Whether it’s home-baked goodies (provided by teammates) or a quick-bite from the office snack reserve, these little treats are a perfect boost to keep me going. We had yummy homemade lemon bread today!

3:30 pm — Desk-side brainstorms

Whether it is a planned session or a simple question snowballing into one, impromptu desk-side brainstorms are where the magic happens! I had a great discussion about metrics and data visualization with my team, and it really helped me plan the information architecture for my designs.

4:45pm — Team hangout

We head to our very own Klaviyo speakeasy to wind down and celebrate a great hub-week. My teammates and I enjoyed a game of darts!

5:30 pm — Heading homeward

After a jam-packed day, I say good-bye to the office! I hop back on the T, reflecting on the day and sharing stories with fellow teammates headed in the same direction.

6:00 pm — Spin class at local gym

On my way home, I usually head to my neighborhood gym. Today, I was super pumped to attend a spin class!

7:15 pm —  walk back home

Finally, I walk back home!

Interested in joining Mahima’s team? You're in luck, the design team is hiring now!

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